Flexible Deployment Model:

Adapting to your specific needs

When it comes to implementation, choice and flexibility are critical. That's why we offer two different deployment options – PyraMED On-Premise or PyraMED On-Demand.

Whether you're a large university with strong IT support, or a smaller college with limited resources, we ensure the software is delivered to your facility in a manageable and secure format.

PyraMED On-Premise Deployment:

For greater autonomy

On-Premise deployment is the most traditional method of installing software. Sometimes referred to as Enterprise deployment, this method means that the application resides on your campus and is supported by your internal resources.

Benefits of PyraMED On-Premise

  • Autonomy: Complete control of the application and its maintenance
  • Maximization of your internal resources

PyraMED On-Demand Deployment: (Hosted)

Rely on our expertise

For schools with minimal IT support, On-Demand deployment provides an easy way to take advantage of all that PyraMED has to offer. With PyraMED On-Demand, the complexities of deployment are left to our staff of highly trained professionals.

Benefits of a PyraMED On-Demand:

  • Faster set-up and activation
  • Reduces the requirement for in-house IT and application support
  • Significantly reduces customer software integration issues
  • Reduction of internal IT costs to a predictable monthly fee or annual fee

If you have limited IT support or are looking to free up your IT resources for other projects, PyraMED On-Demand may be the solution for you.