Counseling Solutions:

An affordable package customized to your needs

Designed specifically with College Mental Health Professionals in mind, the PyraMED application provides all the tools Counseling Centers need to operate more efficiently.

  • DSM-V Evaluations and Axis Attributes
  • Integrated PHQ-9 and PHQ-2 Evaluations and Reporting
  • Privileged Access Option to Client Encounters and Behavioral Health Information
  • Group and Couples Scheduling and Charting
  • Recurring Appointment Scheduling
  • Customizable Case Note Documentation
  • Case Note Dictation
  • Mental Health Forms Library
  • Patient Health Education Library
  • Data Collection, Analysis, and Sharing
  • Customizable Security Preferences
  • HIPAA Client

Whether you are a Counseling Center independent from other University Services or require a universal patient record with other campus divisions, PyraMED Health Systems has the solution. We deliver manageable and affordable packages customized to your needs. With highly configurable security and preference settings, users control the information that is shared between other divisions and providers on campus.