Patient Communications

Expand your Reach

PyraMED’s Patient Communication tools enable institutions to streamline their practices even further. Our ever expanding line provides integrated technology to expand a practice's Reach on campus efficiently and securely. The Patient Portal is compatible with today's devices including PC's, Macs, Tablets, iPads, iPhones and Andriod phones.

PyraMED Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging gives users a HIPAA compliant, secure alternative for communicating with patients. Secure messaging can be used for prescription refill requests, “Ask a Nurse” services, lab and x-ray result notifications, and many other practical applications.

PyraMED Online Appointment Scheduling

PyraMED’s Online Appointment system is fully integrated with the PyraMED application and provides an added convenience for patients. Provider schedules and patient appointment lists are updated in real-time.

PyraMED Online Health Forms

Online Health Forms can save hundreds of hours of data entry each year. Using the integrated online health forms feature, practices can automate the capture of health history, vaccination history, and other necessary patient information.

Automated Text Messaging and Email Notifications

Text messaging and email provides institutions with additional methods for communicating with patients. Integrated into the PyraMED’s automation tools, institutions can choose to automatically text and/or email patients for appointment reminders and secure messaging alerts.

Realtime Chat

Carry on realtime chat with students directly from PyraMED. All chat conversations are recorded into the medical record for easy reference.