Business Solutions:

Increase efficiencies and reduce costs

Throughout the country, healthcare costs are rising and the demands on Medical Professionals are increasing. As a result, Student Health Professionals are continuing to seek ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs without sacrificing high quality service. That's why health centers have been relying on the PyraMED business application modules for more than 15 years.

PyraMED helps manage costs and enhances the patient experience with intuitive business management tools that accelerate the revenue cycle.


  • Scheduling
    • Flexible Appointment Scheduling Options
    • Emailed Appointment Reminders
    • Online Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Task Management
  • Financial Services
    • Cashiering
    • Departmental Billing
    • Insurance & Benefits Management
    • Paper and Electronic Claims Submission
  • Patient Registration Management (Banner, PeopleSoft, DataTel, and more...)
  • Student Accounts Interfacing (Bursar)
  • Referral Tracking & Management
  • Internal Messaging System